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The Wydlis Course is now a youtube channel that teaches all the necessary skills to become a successful adult. It is an acronym for What You Didn’t Learn in School. When you ask, “When do I learn how to do taxes in high school?” Well you don’t, but lucky for you that's where the Wydlis Channel comes in.

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The Wydlis Channel is broken down into five categories: Professional Development, Self-Growth, Lifestyle, Money, and Social Skills. We mainly wanted to cater these categories to a broader section where everything could be included.


Austin Chan is the main teacher of this course. Our "what you didn’t learn in school" channel is available to everyone online. The Wydlis Channel aims to teach these skills from a relatable teacher, someone school-age students can take inspiration from, as opposed to teachers who are older and further removed from the struggles of teenagers. At The Wydlis Channel, we are ultimately providing all the foundational skills for life, in one place, available for all.


This is what we do at the Wydlis Course. 


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Where can I find the channel?

You can find our channel on YouTube at the username @wydlis. Go Ahead! Subscribe.

Who is this channel best suited for? 

Anyone who wants to get more out of life-mainly high school students but this can include adults, children, and teens. Overall, this course can be suitable for everyone! 


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